Consumers don’t think how they feel.
They don’t say what they think
and they don’t do what they say.”
— David Ogilvy


With the power of an agile process and graph database platform we can start asking questions, leading to previously unobtainable answers helping you reach your company goals with clear tactical insights. 

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Our mission is to remove friction and uncertainty. We believe in our concept; with a curios mindset we look at the outside, no matter what data or how many data sources and use that information to reveal the unknowns in the most effective way. ​By identifying the right questions we can obtain the real answers.

We call it “Outside In” – and it works like magic!



Stratazon provides a whole new perspective on how to look at your customers, market, opportunities and future.

We are a curiosity network – a crossmodal advisory – where we use a range of unique techniques and approaches to identify and answer difficult business questions. With the ability of adopting a ‘outside-in’ perspective and successfully implementing it optimizes the use of tactical and strategical insights across your entire enterprise. 

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It all starts in a “Sprint”, a timelimited and highly focused joint action between you, Neo4j and Stratazon, delivering the first prototype of a graph database-powered insight tool.

We believe that it is most likely that you have alot of answers in your data, our job is to identify the right questions to best maximize the outcome from a strategical and tactical standpoint. After the sprint we at Stratazon continue the work to break it down into daily operation actions giving you a complete manual on how to best embrace the knowledge and implement it throughout your organization. This is the first step to really understand your customers and you market, and with graph database technology you will do it faster and better than even before.


We have partnered up with the only enterprise-strength graph database that combines native graph storage, advanced security, scalable speed-optimized architecture and ACID compliance to ensure predictability and integrity of relationship-based queries. That’s why it’s deployed by the absolute majority of Fortune 500 companies along with thousands of government agencies, and NGOs.

Because Neo4j isn’t just a graph platform, it is the future.

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